Jodhpuri Suit

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Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri Suit For Engagement

IAre you looking for a stunning jodhpuri suit for engagement to celebrate your special day with style and tradition? Penguin Tailors is at your service to craft a beautiful jodhpuri suit to make your special day even more memorable. Jodhpuri suit is a popular attire in India highly preferred for formal functions especially at weddings and other occasions such as engagements etc. It is also commonly called a Prince Suit because of its royal look. It is the amalgam of Indo-Western attire and the coat is buttoned from the side of the neck to the middle of the waist. The bottom wear is either jeans or trousers. The attire is followed and loved widely in India. It is a popular choice of many to get themselves a jodhpuri suit for formal occasions. Our expert craftsmen are skilled in stitching ethnic wear in Sharjah and specialize in creating a bespoke jodhpuri suit for engagement or any other occasion.

We have expertise

We have expert tailors in our team that are skilled to craft any attire be it eastern or western. Our tailors are well-familiar with the traditional and popular attire in India and Pakistan. To make a stunning Jodhpuri suit, you need to have an understanding of the technique.

We have knowledge

At Penguin Tailors, we save you from amateur tailors who often make the mistake of either making a coat or a Sherwani instead of making a jodhpuri suit. Our tailors understand that a jodhpuri suit is different than a coat or sherwani.

Fine Stitching

Our expert tailors are skilled to stitch a jodhupuri that has a seamless lining and stitching. We ensure to stitch such an outfit for you that is bound to take the best of you. It is your chance to get a finely stitched jodhpuri suit for engagement or any of your occasions.

High-Quality Fabric

Sourced through leading textile mills, at Penguin Tailors we use a high-quality fabric to make an outstanding Jodhpuri stitched jodhpuri suit for engagement or any other special occasion. You don’t have to rush to markets to find the perfect fabric for your jodhpuri suit. You can find a variety of fabrics suitable for the making of traditional attire.