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Tips for choosing the best Sherwani

Sherwani is the most proffered attire for the groom at his wedding in India and Pakistan.

Sherwani is a traditional attire in Pakistan and India typically worn at weddings and other formal ceremonies. It is a kind of long coat wore over a kurta paired with Shalwar or trousers. It is not a daily wear costume but is reserved for special occasions only. Sherwani is the epitome of style and class. It makes you stand out on your big day. In India and Pakistan alike, grooms are supposed to wear Sherwanis on their wedding day to look different than the rest of the participants. Sherwani is also worn on other formal ceremonies like state functions, graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, and so on.

Plan before time

To choose perfect attire, plan ahead of your big day. Whether you want a light embroidered Sherwani or a heavy one, you will have to decide and allocate time accordingly. Moreover, you will have to decide on the perfect fabric for the Sherwani. You can choose between silk, cotton, brocade, Jacquard, and many others. You can also go for velvet to give a royal touch to your attire. It is better to discuss with the tailor long before the day of wearing Sherwani to get the perfect costume on the big day.

Be Traditional

Sherwani is a traditional attire that is worn at weddings and other formal ceremonies. To remember your native roots in UAE, you should opt for a Sherwani for your wedding. A wedding is a perfect moment to celebrate the traditions and customs of your homeland in UAE even when you are away from home. Sherwani has been worn by many royals of subcontinents throughout history. It is a symbol of royal and regal choice.

Be Trendy

You can add a unique touch to your overall look with an amalgamation of western and eastern attire. You can even pair Sherwani with jeans or pants to balance your look in varying cultures. In recent times, fashionistas have given trendy looks to the attire. These days, instead of knee-length sherwani, the fashion gurus have introduced short-length Shwerani’s as well. Paired with trousers, short-length sherwani is a fusion of eastern and western culture.

Bespoke Sherwani

It is better to go for customized Sherwani rather than opting for ready to wear. The tailor made sherwani gives a lot more freedom to choose between styles, fabric, and designs as compared to the ready made one. You can choose any color of your choice such as white, golden, black, royal blue, and many others to shine on your big day. You can also consult the tailor or designer to get more information and insight about the latest styles in the market.