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Complement your look; add accessories to your Suit 

Add more style to your attire by pairing it with different accessories for a finished look

Made up of perfectly measured shoulders, waist, inseams, and sleeves, bespoke suits give the absolute best look for your evening attire. The first rule of bespoke suiting is its precision to fitting. Then it comes to giving a perfect finish to the overall look where accessories come to aid. Once your bespoke suit is ready, you are set to enter the next stage of style that is giving a perfect finish to your look. The combination of the right accessories can make or break your entire look for the day. To take a break from your daily casual office attire, you need to leap into the world of fashion to elevate your stylish look for the evening. And the best part is that you can achieve a great look even by spending little on the accessories. Before venturing into the market to find the best accessories, keep the golden rule in mind: never wear too much at the same time. The purpose of accessories is to complement the evening suit not overshadow it. Here are some of the accessories that you can opt for to enhance your style arsenal.


A tie is the most noticeable accessory in your attire. A tie gives you many opportunities to choose between different styles, colors, and patterns to march with your shirt. To be safe with your tie styling, use a solid-colored tie with a solid-colored dress. Stay color of striking colors and loud patterns on your tie as they can destroy the decency of the bespoke styling.


Traditionally, belts are used to hold the dress pants. If you are wearing a customized or bespoke suit, you don’t really need a belt to hold up the pants as the precise stitching in bespoke styling does not need additional help. However, If the shirt is tucked in and the blazer is opened, the belt is visible to be seen. So make sure that if you have decided to wear a belt, it goes with your overall look.


To add more sophistication to the look, wear cufflinks. Cufflinks fulfill the job of buttoning as well as giving a stylish finished look to the dress. They are ideal accessories to wear with eveningwear. Just like the rest of the accessories, you have to keep the color combination and sizing of the cufflinks in mind when choosing the right type of cufflinks.


Watches are the most common yet so subtle accessories to pair with suits. Along with doing the traditional job of time-telling, watches provide an aesthetic value to the overall look of the eveningwear. There is a range of watches available on market, however, for a classic look, you may have to invest in watches to achieve sophistication.