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Experience the luxury of handmade suits tailored exclusively for you. The feeling of a specially crafted customized wardrobe is matchless. Bespoke suit is the choice of sophisticated men who prefer handmade tailoring over readily available suits in the market. We put every possible effort to make customized suits for our clients. You will feel the experience of our expert tailoring and elegant stitching in every piece of bespoke garment.

Dubai is a fascinating city where a large community of expatriates is living in complete harmony with the nationals of UAE. The people from different ethnicities add value to the rich diverse life in UAE. The culture in UAE also has diversity in attire in its residents and the demand for traditional, as well as ethnic dresses, is never receding. To stand out in millions, the classy ones prefer to hire special services for their needs. Instead of going for ready-made dresses in the market, several tasteful people prefer choosing customized dress-making services that fit their physic. The bespoke design helps them stand out among millions.

At Penguin Tailoring, we aim to provide world-class suiting service for our valued customers. From flawless business suits, tuxedos to dashing Sherwani – our experts are ready to guide you for the selection of the best quality fabric as per your fitting. Our craftsmen are well-versed in the lovely stitching of suits from any attire eastern or western.

All you to do is to tell our tailor what you want in your suit and we will cut the garment as per your specification. We will make sure that our handmade suit translates your ideals and delivers effortless comfort.

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