Bespoke Process

We have developed an intricate bespoke process to hold back and forth coordination with our clients as per their satisfaction.

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    Meeting & Consultations

    We arrange an introductory meeting with the client either at our studio or their preferred location to understand their idea of the suit they want. We provide our clients a chance to meet our expert tailor and share their ideals. We also share fabric patters, bespoke designs, and patterns with our clients to provide them with various options.

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    Fitting and Measurement

    Our experts note the exact measurement of the client to make an exclusive flawless suit.

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    Customized patterns

    In case if our client has a special design, our experts will produce customized patterns as per the satisfaction of the client.

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    First Trial

    The first trial is based on the initial measurements that were taken at the meeting to know if the specifications are being followed or not. The client can make alterations at this stage if need be.

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    2nd Trial

    Materials such as lining and buttons are added to the costume and shared with the client. In case of addition or removal, the tailors make note of the changes.

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    Final Trial

    It Is the final stage where the finished suit is tried on the customer.